Southern District of Texas
"Supreme Court Case Update"
CJA Panel Training
United States Federal Courthouse
Assembly Room, 6th Floor
515 Rusk Avenue
Houston, Texas 77002
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Criminal Justice Act ("CJA") provides for the appointment of counsel in criminal cases to persons who are financially unable to obtain adequate representation. 18 U.S.C. § 3006A(a). In the Southern District of Texas, in cases where the Federal Public Defender has not been appointed to represent a defendant who is entitled to the assistance of appointed counsel, individual defense attorneys are chosen from a federal panel. The Federal Public Defender is charged with assuring that members of the CJA panel are familiar with federal criminal practice.


During its last term, the Supreme Court issued many decisions that affect federal criminal defense practice. This seminar will provide an update on the relevant cases and how they matter for attorneys defending criminal cases in federal court.



11:30-12:00  Registration CLE Hrs
12:00-1:00 "Supreme Court Case Update"
Evan Howze - Assistant Federal Public Defender


This seminar is for attorneys eligible or seeking to become eligible to take CJA appointments.